Oldest Impact Crater-The Vredefort Dome is the world's oldest and largest known impact crater, providing a glimpse into Earth's ancient history-

A Geological Marvel-It boasts a unique geological heritage, with rocks dating back over 2 billion years, making it a treasure trove for geologists.-

UNESCO World Heritage-Recognized by UNESCO, the Vredefort Dome is a designated World Heritage Site, a testament to its global significance-

Biodiversity Hotspot-The region surrounding the dome teems with a rich variety of plants and wildlife, offering a haven for nature lovers and ecotourist-

Outdoor Adventures-Adventure enthusiasts can explore the dome's hiking trailes, go river rafting and engage in various outdoor activities amidst its stunning landscapes-

Cultural Connections-The dome has cultural importance for local communities and provides an opportunity to learn about indigenous heritage and traditions-

Stunning Scenic Views-Visitors are treated to breathtaking vistas, rolling hills and serence rivers that make it a picturesque destination for photographers and sightseers-

Unique Research Opportunities-It's a hub for scientific exploration, offering researchers insights into impact craters and their long-term effects on our planet-

Vredefort Dome- Expect the Inexperienced -

The Vredefort Dome (Crater) is currently the largest and one of the oldest known meteor impact sites in the world. It is South Africa's seventh World Heritage Site and this is largely due to the research scientist from Wits University, including Dr Rodger Hart.

Despite the importance of impact sites to the planet’s history, geological activity on the Earth’s surface has led to the disappearance of evidence from most of them, and Vredefort is the only example to provide a full geological profile of an astrobleme below the crater floor.

Vredefort is a small farming town in the Free State province It is home to 3,000 residents. The area displays exceptional scenic beauty and is rich in biodiversity with remarkable animal and plant populations. Various cultural features also add to the value of the area. The Vredefort Dome has an exceptional tourism potential, the Vredefort Dome is situated approximately 100 km from Johannesburg.

Not many impact craters are found on the surface of the earth (approximately 160), because much of the surface of our planet is covered by water and therefore exposed to the effects of erosion. The earth’s impact record therefore consists mostly of recent craters, and a few old, but very large ones.

Other World Heritage Sites: Robben Island, the Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park, the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape, the Cradle of Humankind, the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park and the cape Floral Region.



Activities in the Dome- Be sure to take a guided tour to learn more about this incredible site -

4 x 4

Travel into the South African World Heritage site of Vredefort Dome.

Quad Biking

Pass through the savanna, bushveld, mountainous areas and riverbeds.


Earth Adventures offers safe and exciting abseiling at a number of venues around the Vredefort Dome.

Game Drives

Vredefort Dome Tours are guided tours with a game viewer to the Dome lookout point.

Horse Trails

Get in the saddle & seize this unforgettable riding experience along the course of the Vaal River.

Hot Air Ballooning

A most spectacular flight, given favourable wind direction, you will fly over the Vaal River and the Vredefort Dome.


The Vaal river has some of the best fly fishing and our waters are home to Large and Smallmouth yellow fish.

Mountain Biking

A network of picturesque farm roads and challenging single track trails offer the mountain biker unforgettable cycling experience.


Circular routes for day hikes between 2 & 12km, as well as overnight hiking trails of up to 4 days with three different hiking camps.

River Rafting

The Vaal in the Vredefort Dome winds its way through a rocky landscape that offers both whitewater rafting and flat-water canoeing.

Zip Lining

Koepel Mega Zip, situated in the Vredefort Dome, this unique Dual Zip Line stretches between the beautiful mountains, making it a 'nature-lover's' dream.

Bird Watching

Some of the special species to keep an eye out for here include the scarce Brown-backed Honeybird, Common Scimitarbill, Golden-tailed Woodpecker and many more.

Earth's Greatest ImpactThe Asteroid That Smashed South Africa | A Cosmic Collision

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